Monday, 25 February 2013

Working With Fabric

We were asked to get a mixture of light weight, medium weight and heavy weight fabrics to work on for our project. We cut out shapes in the same way we had with the paper and began working on the mannequin again. It was interesting to see the difference from working in paper to fabric. The fabric drapes in a way that paper does not, and so creates an entirely new set of shapes to draw inspiration from! It was also fascinating to see how the different weights of fabrics in the same shape can create a whole new look.

Starting Design Sketches

After working with paper on the mannequin, the next step was to use the shapes I created as a starting point for a number of design ideas. We were asked to exhaust the shapes as much as possible, using different scales to create looks for potential skirts, collar, coats, cuffs and so on. It took me a while to find my rythem with the drawing process, but after a while I started to really enjoy it! I've loved working with collage  and magazine cuttings in particular as I find it brightens up my pages a lot and gives me a better idea of how the design would look on an actual body.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Working With Paper

Having selected my two final shapes, I began work on the mannequin. I started pinning different scales of the paper shapes onto the mannequin and manipulating the shape to create various looks.
By overlapping, folding and combining the different scaled shapes I came up with a lot of different ideas. I found that my best looks evolved from my first shape! Here is a look at some my work.