Sunday, 12 May 2013

Final Skirt

Here's a look at my skirt fully finished and made up! It took a few chops and changes to get the final result, but overall I'm very happy with it and thrilled to be able to show it off as my very first completed skirt design!

Final Boards

We had a presentation of our sketchbooks and final boards before starting to make our skirts. The boards consisted of a mood board, fabric board and illustration board. 
Here is what I came up with. 

Design Ideas

The design process was the last step before making my finished skirt. I used my fabric swatches as a starting point for my designs, by pinning them onto the mannequin and manipulating them in various different ways. I took photos and then used the photos as collages to fit onto the body. After this, I twisted and turned the shapes in different directions, decreased and increased the scale, and overlapped them to create a number of design ideas.
Here's a look at a few of the designs I created.

Fabric Swatches

The next step towards making my skirt was to create a number of fabric swatches inspired by the research I carried out previously. The fabric manipulations used on the swatches would then be used in making of the final skirt. 
Here's a look at my swatches.

Skirt Project-Research

For the final fashion project of the year, everyone in the class must produce a skirt. The first step in creating a design for our skirt was brainstorming. We were given a series of words as a starting point for our brainstorm. From these brainstorms I decided that I wanted to do my research on decaying/decrepit buildings and ruins.
Here is a look at some of my research. I pulled outline shapes from my images as I went along, as an option to have when the design process began.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Final Line Up

The last section of the project involved picking out my favourite designs to create a final line up, featuring 360 degree views of each look. I had to do some editing and tweaking of the designs I picked to ensure that they would fit onto the body correctly, and to make sure they would look cohesive as a collection.

Further Design Sketches

After playing around with different fabric shapes on the mannequin, I had a whole new variety of source shapes to pull design sketches from. These were the results.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Working With Fabric

We were asked to get a mixture of light weight, medium weight and heavy weight fabrics to work on for our project. We cut out shapes in the same way we had with the paper and began working on the mannequin again. It was interesting to see the difference from working in paper to fabric. The fabric drapes in a way that paper does not, and so creates an entirely new set of shapes to draw inspiration from! It was also fascinating to see how the different weights of fabrics in the same shape can create a whole new look.