Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Artist Inspiration- Richard Long

 Richard Long is an English artist who works with photography, land art, installations, sculptures and film. His work is guided by a great respect for nature and by the formal structure of basic shapes. He usually works in the landscape, but sometimes he uses natural materials in the gallery (as we can see in some of the images below).
Long never makes signifigant alterations to landscapes he passes through. Instead, he marks the ground or andjusts natural features of a place. The meaning of his work lies in the visibility of his actions rather than in the representation of a particular landscape. Although Long's work has a different meaning and goal to what I'm working on currently, I find his work truly inspirational and exciting. I live in an area full of laneways and fields, all of which have been marked and altered by people at one stage or another. Before now, I have never considered these marks and trails to be a form of art!



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