Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Results from 3D Workshop

Yesterday I attended the 3D workshop which I found enormously helpful. This is what I made.

Originally I came in with the idea to make a 3D form in the shape of a tree, from which I would hang either feathers or locks of hair from. My idea came about after the painting I did where the subject's hair was made out of real leaves. I wanted to create a kind of opposite effect with my tree idea. However, when I got into the workshop, my teacher suggested that I make a similar shaped form from materials that would resemble hair, rather than using it in such an obvious way! 
I got hold of some fringed wool which I folded over a couple of times and then dipped into hot wax. I then laid the wool onto paper to cool, but while the wax was still hot, I pulled it apart slightly (not with my hands, don't worry!)so that all the little lines of the fringing became visible. I then glued the pieces together and that's how I got my final result! I'm very pleased with how it turned out, as the combination of wool and wax created an effect that has similarities not just to hair, but to all the objects I've been studying. I'm also glad that I took my teacher's advice and took a less obvious and more creative approach to my original idea.

After I removed the hot wax and wool from the paper they had been drying on, I was actually left with some interesting marks on both the front and back of the page. It was a pleasant surprise to make such a discovery at the end of the workshop!

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