Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Printmaking and More Photography

Every weekend when I go home, I get the camera out and take photos of everything around me that inspires me in terms of line and pattern. I find that this really helps to motivate me at the start of the week and gives me something to work from. 
The photos at the top half are all close up pictures of my mother's hands (bar the first one on the second row which was taken out of an extremely dirty window of a bus), which I then edited to bring out all the tiny lines that weren't originally visible in the photos. The first photo on the third row is yet another close up, this time of the reflection of people walking across a bridge in Dublin city. The rest of the photos are all of a fire lighting. I liked the way the burnt briquettes created certain lines. Also, the way in which the flames flickered and grew reminded me of the branches of the trees that I'd photographed previously.

I did some print making for the first time this week! I based the prints off the photos of the fire I took during the weekend. Overall, I'm quite happy with the results. 
During the print making process, I poured bits of white spirits over the ink. The bottle made it hard to judge how much liquid would come out, and the way it spread over the ink meant that there was a certain lack of control. At first, this really bothered me as I had wanted to spend more time really concentrating on getting the lines perfect. However, I realise now that this worked in my favour because it created a truer representation of the nature of a fire, which is quite unpredictable in the way it spreads and grows! The only thing that I think I fell back on was my presentation. I didn't manage to set the print out evenly across the page, and some of the ink dirtied the area surrounding the print. This meant that I had to cut the prints out, which could have been avoiding had I been more careful.

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