Monday, 12 November 2012


Since veering in a slightly different direction with my project, I've found that photography is a very suitable way for me to investigate different lines and patterns in the natural environment surrounding me. I seem to be finding the most interesting results when I zoom right in on the tiny details that one might not see at first glance. I've decided to arrange the photos I took on large A2 sheets of paper instead of sticking them in my sketchbook because I feel that they had more of an impact when viewed as a collection.
The first row of photos are all close ups of the different lines and veins on some leaves I picked up. The second, are shots of some miniature roses of mine that were becoming slightly withered. The middle picture of the third row is a beautiful pattern that I noticed on the wall on my way to college. The very last picture is a close up of the bark of a tree which had some webs growing on it, and the rest of the photos are all of vines growing along the wall.
These photos are a combination of tree branches, the remains of my miniature roses(they've seen better days!), zoomed in shots of my mother's hand, and some close ups of an old cottage door where the paint has been worn and scratched away. 

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