Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ceramics Workshop

This week I attended the ceramics workshop. Unfortunately we didn't get time to make anything, but Ciaran gave us an insight into the type of work that the ceramics students do, and showed us some beautiful work too! The most useful thing I got from the workshop was the inspiration to try out indian ink for the first time. It was very helpful to be shown all the different lines you can create with different brushes and pens, as well as the different marks they make depending on the material you use them on. 
For this piece, I used ink on tracing paper using a large flat brush.

This was done using the shavings from a branch I picked up on the street.

I made this piece using a feather dipped in ink. 

The last piece is a mixture of lines created using a flat brush and dipping pen on tissue paper.

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