Thursday, 15 November 2012

Artist Inspiration- Nikki Rosato

 I did some research on Kathy Prendergast last week, as I found her work with maps to be quite useful and informative for my project. I thought that there were very obvious similarities between the lines on the maps and the lines that I'd been studying in nature and on the human body. However, I've just come across Nikki Rosato's work, and I have to say I find it even more impressive and inspirational!
Rosato also works with line maps (amongst other things) as you can see below.



 Rosato cuts out tiny strips of map and uses them to create pieces like the ones above. They are delicately interwoven like veins and the lines are "fascinatingly similar to lines that cover the surface of the human body", as the artist himself puts it.

Rosato also has delicate water colour paintings like the ones above which I was very taken by. The lines he creates here remind me an awful lot of the patterns I found when I took close up photographs of leaves. They've also got a look of mosaic about them, which is definitely something I could investigate further at some stage!
Rosato shows his versatility again with his collection of portraits done using prints of his thumb. I'm eager to try out something similar after seeing this work, as I think the lines from my fingerprint could make for an unsual and less obvious approach to painting.

The last piece of work from the artist that I looked at was this sculpture of the heart and its valves. It is made using pipes, hoses, chicken wire, paint and paper. I think it's a very effective piece and it has led me to consider using objects of a larger scale in my work.

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