Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Work Update

This is just a look at what I've been up to over the past couple of days.  

As usual I've been taking a lot of photographs! The first set were all taken in my garden and outside my house on a very frosty morning. I absolutely love how my camera picked up so much detail of the frost and dew. The second set of photos were all taken in St. Stephens Green Park at the weekend. The beautiful array of flowers and the reflections in the water picked up some lovely vivid colours which I was very pleased with.

I've been enjoying working with found objects lately. The first photo is of different layers of bark that I pulled off a large branch. I thought the patterns on the bark were extremely interesting and quite beautiful. I've also been working with leaves by cutting away all of the leaf area until only the skeleton is left. I then laminated the remains and the result was what you see above! I had wanted the sheet to be completely see through but unfortunately I had to place tracing paper in the laminate as well in case the plastic melted.
I find these leaf remains very interesting to work with, but sadly the leaves are becoming scarcer and scarcer as we get deeper in to winter. I hope to experiment more with these before the leaves outside shrivel up and dissapear!

I attended a photogram workshop this week, which my leaf skeletons proved ideal for. I enjoyed getting an insight into this area of photography, and I'm quite happy with my results.

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