Monday, 8 October 2012


Unsurprisingly, my ideas have developed on from my original concept. Before, I was exploring the idea of perceptions of beauty in relation to tattoos and body art, but now I'm focusing in on the ideas of tattoos as "personal propeganda". Basically, I'm just looking at how tattoos can allow a person to show only what they want to be seen about themselves. Tattoos can act as a sort of disguise, letting us transform into whatever type of person we wish to be, while at the same time masking and concealing the aspects of our personality that we would prefer to remain hidden.
In terms of my work, I would like to toy with the idea of masks and forms of disguise. I've played around with altering faces and transforming them into something new, but I'd like to develop on further from this. I want to continue to use tattoo imagery in my work, but perhaps in a different manner from now on!

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