Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Our Group- Izabelle, Ailbhe, Michelle and Liz

This blog post is a photo diary of all the beautiful sights we witnessed during our market research trip to London. We wanted to give an overview of all that we got up to whilst over there, paying particular attention to all of the design inspiration we found during our stay...and there was a lot!

Unfortunately, our time spent on the tube was limited due to the strikes!
The location of our hostel in the lovely Paddington
A typical tourist snap!
Some beautiful architecture on the streets of London
A stylish Londoner beats the traffic on her bicycle
Izabelle taking in the night life

One of the highlights of our trip had to be visiting the famous London markets, including Camden, Spitfield and Brick Lane. It was a great experience for all of us, and undoubtedly a fantastic source of inspiration. Whether it be through the bold street art or the eclectic mix of stalls and boutiques, it was impossible not to be drawn to the exciting market environment.

A fabulous boutique in Camden which stocked innovative, up-and-coming designer garments for an affordable price

A fashionable sales assistant in Collective 159
 Some contrasting, yet equally interesting shoe displays in Camden
 Vintage fur
Cool street art in Brick Lane 
Stalls at Spitfield

 We were lucky enough to have time to visit some exhibitions and explore the likes of the Tate Modern, Somerset House and the V&A. The Isabella Blow exhibit at Somerset House was exquisite,but unfortunately security would not allow any photographs.

                           Salvador Dali
Francis Bacon
Gerhart Rickter
Lorenzo Quinn
V&A Clothing Exhibits and Light Installation

Some of the windows and in-store displays around London were truly fascinating, particularly the high-end department stores such as Selfridges and Libertys. Inside these stores, it was quite surreal to see clothing we had researched for design, actually in the flesh! 

                    Victorias Secret in-store
Urban Outfitters record stand
Fenwicks Advertising
Window display at Selfridges
Marni Jewels at Libertys
3D print heels from the likes of Iris Van Herpen
Mary Katrantzou
Christopher Kane
Martin Margiela

All in all, the visit to London was an invaluable experience, one where we all learned a lot about the various markets within retail, and the type of people that shop there!It taught us a great deal about fabric and reminded us that we should be sourcing unusual material for our designs! Despite the hectic nature of our time there, I think it's safe to say we all had an absolutely brilliant time. So with that in mind...bring on next years trip!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Final Skirt

Here's a look at my skirt fully finished and made up! It took a few chops and changes to get the final result, but overall I'm very happy with it and thrilled to be able to show it off as my very first completed skirt design!

Final Boards

We had a presentation of our sketchbooks and final boards before starting to make our skirts. The boards consisted of a mood board, fabric board and illustration board. 
Here is what I came up with. 

Design Ideas

The design process was the last step before making my finished skirt. I used my fabric swatches as a starting point for my designs, by pinning them onto the mannequin and manipulating them in various different ways. I took photos and then used the photos as collages to fit onto the body. After this, I twisted and turned the shapes in different directions, decreased and increased the scale, and overlapped them to create a number of design ideas.
Here's a look at a few of the designs I created.